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Bank Limit Advanced Battle Racing – CODEX

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pianotiles.infoPlatform: PC
Genre: Racing
Preview: YouTube
Size: 7476 MB
Format: ISO
Password: CodexGames
Hits: 432 visits
Languages: Englisch
Subtitles: Englisch
Release Name: Bank.Limit.Advanced.Battle.Racing-CODEX


You drift around a corner at 500 mph, activate turbo boost, and blast through the sound barrier.
You lock eyes on your opponent, and the lasers mounted on your hood follow your vision.
A few crisp bursts and you’re dodging a tumbling mass of fire.
No time to marvel–that next corner is coming fast as you race on a track with more twists and loops than a roller coaster.
Welcome to hyperspeed combat racing.
Welcome to Bank Limit.

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