Who says you have to buy a baby grand piano to fuel your passion for music? Piano Tiles brings the magic of the keyboard straight to your phone at no cost to you. You'll soon be plunking Beethoven on its digital keys with a single finger. Piano Tiles is an app for the Android and iOS that challenges you to hit as many black keys as possible to play a melody. Players must avoid the white tiles in order to complete the set. The longer you play, the higher the score.

Piano Tiles

Download APK from Google Drive (v3.0.0.153/26.1 MB)


Title: Piano Tiles
Developer: Cheetah Mobile
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Rhythm, Action, Music


The gameplay is very reminiscent (one might say identical) to a game called Don't Step The White Tile. However, Piano Tiles has many different game modes that add a fresh face to an otherwise mediocre concept. Despite the game's simplicity, it's quite difficult to complete. One false move and you have to start over!

The game has five different modes:

• Classic – See how fast you can hit 50 black tiles
• Arcade – Tap as many black tiles in a row without hitting the white keys
• Zen – You have 30 seconds to tap as many black tiles as possible
• Rush – A variant of Arcade mode
• Relay – You have 10 seconds to tap 50 tiles; complete to add another 10 seconds to the clock


It's amazing how addictive Piano Tiles becomes after only a few tries. Players will find themselves going on a marathon of tile tapping to beat their previous high score, all while improving their musical skills.